Common Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning
Misconception #1:
You should wait as long as possible or until spring before cleaning your carpet.
No. Dirt is abrasive-like sandpaper. Every time you step on your carpet, you grind dirt into the carpet fibers. This cuts your carpet, just as if you had used a knife. This cutting causes your carpet to wear out faster. A dirty carpet will not last as long as clean carpet. And while vacuuming helps-by itself, it's simply not enough. The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpet and the faster it wears out.
Misconception #2: 
The only reason to clean carpets is to remove the dirt.
No. As you probably know, outdoor air contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, and car exhaust-and hundreds of other chemicals. When you come into your home, you carry those pollens, bacteria and chemicals in your hair and on your skin, clothing and shoes. Not surprisingly, all those chemicals and toxins wind up in your carpet.
If you have allergies, asthma, emphysema, or other breathing problems-one major source of your problem could be the pollens, fungus, smoke and chemicals in your carpet.
Misconception #3: 
One method of carpet cleaning is as good as another.
No. Methods such as dry-cleaning methods-which are dry foam, dry chemicals, and dry compound-do not rinse your carpet in any way. Instead, we believe they leave a dirty residue. We feel they clean your carpet only halfway. The most effective cleaning method is hot water extraction.
Hot water extraction means a hot water cleaning solution, under pressure, is forced into your carpet and then sucked out of your carpet. Shaw Industries, the world's largest carpet manufacturer, recommends hot water extraction as the primary method of cleaning carpets.
Carpet cleaners use one of two types hot water extraction. If they use a large unit  operated from a van or truck outside your home or business, it's called truck-mount extraction. If they use a small unit that can be brought inside, its called portable extraction. Portable machines can equal a truck mount as long as they offer good heat, extraction power, and pressure. Machines rented at the grocery store usually do not even heat the water at all.
The hot water extraction system (Steam Cleaning) cleans much better because it heats the water to a higher temperature-which breaks up the dirt, bacteria, chemicals and pollens in the carpet. Then the machine uses high suction to draw the dirt and chemicals out of your carpet. This is the method my company uses.
Portable rental units may offer only minimal cleaning results.
Misconception #4: 
Having the right equipment is all a company needs to clean your carpets properly. 
Not true. Many companies own hot-water cleaners but very few companies teach their employees how to use them properly. Our company has been in the carpet cleaning industry for 20 years in the same family ever since. Good equipment is only as good as in the hands of people who are trained and experienced to use it properly.
Misconception #5:
The company that offers the lowest price is the company you should use
You get what you pay for. Companies that charge the lowest price can often times fall into other categories such as low price scamming, etc.
Misconception # 6
Every Spot and stain can be removed by cleaning
Unfortunately this is not true, we wish it was but it simply isn't. Some companies might claim that they can get every stain out including stains like bleach but trust us, once the color is gone from your carpet, it's gone. Some companies will dye these spots to match or cut them out and repair them for an added expense.
Many food and cosmetic products contain Dyes. Certain juices and drinks contain Red and other color dyes that will permanently stain your carpet.
Should you need carpet repair we are happy to refer our customers to a reputable carpet repair company.
Misconception # 7
The Dust Mite Scare tactic
This is not so much a misconception as it is a scare tactic. You have probably seen the typical ad, a picture of a huge magnified bug called a dust mite. While these actually exist and can be lessened through cleaning we feel this is mostly used as a scare tactic to get you to use the service. Dust Mitesarereal and do contribute to allergies and contaminate homes.
Chances are your carpet is just plain dirty which is why you are here. You don't need to be shown a giant hideous bug to encourage you to make an appointment. We think it's a pretty tacky approach.
Read what the Evironmental protection agency has to say about these types of contaminants and allergies in your home.
These steps listed, in addition to regular carpet cleaning, will help lessen contaminants in your home.
Misconception #8
I saw an Infomercial and I can buy my own machine and save thousands!!
Yes, you can walk into any store that sells vacuum cleaners and chances are they sell small portable machines that clean carpet. We wish those machines were of the same caliber that our machine is but they are simply not. A good truckmount today can cost up to 20 thousand dollars. A plastic portable machine can cost you $200 and up. These machines generally do not heat the water up to a level that can adequately clean carpet and the require a lot of work by the user taking hours to clean a home. You have to empty buckets of water and keep filling the machine and all the wahile you are probably going over and over the same areas to get them clean overwetting your carpet. Some of these machines are great for cleaning up after sick kids and animals or general spot cleaning but nothing can compare to a professional cleaning machine. And to top it off, in many cases using a portable machine voids your new carpet warranty.
For Fun
We don't cut corners....
We don't know who started the slogan  (Or old joke) "We don't cut corners, we clean 'em" but it sure has been around a long time. Carpet cleaners have been using this joke for  years. Needless to say if your current cleaner doesn't clean the corners, get a new cleaner. :)
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