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The truth about Coupons and deals that are too good to be true. READ THE FINE PRINT!

There are several companies that have legitimate coupons and special offers for carpet cleaning. Unfortunately there are many more that have offers that are just too good to be true. 
You may have seen an ad in a local paper or received a coupon for carpet cleaning with several offers. These may read "One room-$4.95" or "5 Rooms for $24.95". Many of our current customers have tried these so called 'deals' in the past before turning to us for service.

The question you are probably asking is "How do they do it?". Equipment is expensive, soap and cleaners are expensive, employees aren't free, gas is $4 a gallon so just how can a company clean your home for less than what it costs to rent a machine from your local hardware store? (Don't laugh but they might even show up with a rented machine. It's happened!)

The truth is 'bait and switch'. These coupons are meant to reel you in, get you to call and then slowly find out the truth about hidden charges. You may pay extra for travel charges, two man crews, preconditioning, scotchgard, sanitizing etc. 

While scotchgard is a great idea to protect your carpet keep in mind that these companies need to sell this to you and in some cases may require it because they need to charge you what they really need to make, not what the coupon says.

Upon arrival a carpet technician may explain to you that your carpet is much dirtier than expected and preconditioning is a must. Measure your home and you will find out that the same 5 rooms of cleaning now costs $160, not $24.95. That may not even account for the travel charges and 'sanitizing' or whatever extra charges they may try to tack on. Closets, hallways, entry ways, all of these will probably be considered rooms so make that clear too. (We include pre-treatment in our estimates)

And don't forget about stairs. This is usually left out of an ad as some companies may charge you 3 or 4 dollars for each stair to make up the difference for that coupon.

Once they are in your home you will feel pressured and possibly too embarassed to say no. Ultimately what you will find out what we already know, you cannot clean a whole home properly for $50 and remain in business.

Finally, The equipment and materials used in cleaning your carpet are crucial for good results. A high quality soap can make the difference not only when cleaning your carpet but it staying clean. Cheap soap is sticky and your carpets will resoil quickly. Good equipment and a good technician make a big difference as well. At the end of the day you will realize that instead of saving $50 you just threw $100 out the window. 

No matter who you decide to have clean your carpets be sure and ask a lot of questions and observe the technicians as they clean. After the carpet dries if it is below your expectations call the company back and let them know. In many cases a technician may return to correct certain problems that may arise later.

If you are currently holding a coupon in your hand we ask that you call us. we can go over our costs and compare.

Fastclean Carpet Cleaning-Excellent Service, fair prices, no hidden charges. That's our pledge to you.

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Reading the fine print in your coupon based ad

Things to look for:*Truck mount up charge*Sanitizing up charge*Preconditioning up charge*2 man crew
Let's say you have a 100 Sq foot room and want a truck mounted steam cleaning at $19.95
and sanitizing at .25 per sq foot. The coupon also might state pre treating is .25 per sq foot and in many cases they will tell you it is necessary.Your coupon says $4.95 per room.Now that same room will cost you over $70! And finally if they push scotchgard at .25 PSF that brings you to almost $100 just for one room of carpet!If you choose not to go with the truckmount and save $20 You are paying over $70 a room for your rugs to be cleaned with a portable machine.