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Our Method Vs. Others

Hot Water Extraction

Fastclean uses the Hot water extraction method, better known as Steam Cleaning. When Steam Cleaning is done properly, your carpet will look exceptionally clean and 90 percent or more of the water is removed. Your carpet should be slightly damp and dry within 4-6 hours or slightly longer depending on humidity and other factors.

Dry or chemical cleaning

Dry cleaning method may involve the use of a portable scrubbing machine after an application of a powder or carbonated substance. While less moisture is used, what many people do not know is that there is still moisture involved. Many of our customers have turned to us after having less than satisfactory results with dry cleaning. In fact, many people have used dry cleaning methods because of bad experiences with other carpet cleaners who have over wet their carpet in the past.
Also, we feel that scrubbing your carpet is hard on the fiber and not recommended. In addition, it is the heat of our method that is key in getting tough soil out.

Rotary types

These methods all use a type of machine with a rotary scrubbing head which again, is hard on carpet fiber and is not the preferred method of many of the leading manufacturers of carpet.

Portable Machines

15 years ago we started Fastclean using portable machines. While very good, they just don't match up against the truck mounted system. Rental machines are a definite no-no as using them could void your warranty and you don't know where they have been. Some of these machines have been rented and used in the lowest of tasks. You can only get the water so warm in these rental machines, they take hours to use and the difference between renting, buying soaps and spotters and possibly ruining your carpet because of furniture stains and varnish just isn't worth it.

Many people today have purchased inexpensive portable machines from stores only to discover how weak they are, how much trouble they are to use and they end up unused in the garage. While good for getting out a spot or two, this isn't the way to clean expensive carpet.Power WandsA few carpet cleaners use a different kind of a tool, or wand, to clean carpets. Some have mutiple spray heads ranging from one to eight or more. This is the tool you see in most photos for carpet cleaning that makes contact with your carpet. One such tool is called a "power wand" this tool may have a spinning head or moving parts that are supposed to make the cleaning easier for the technician and your carpet to be more thoroughly cleaned. While the wand IS an important tool in the process, the standard wand, when used properly, will give you an excellent thorough cleaning.Some of these photos may even appear doctored and show the "power wand" having thoroughly cleaned a heavily soiled carpet while showing the cleaning by the wand as appearing streaked. In all out years of carpet cleaning we have never seen a carpet look this way using a standard cleaning wand properly.

Exclusive methods

Many companies may claim they have an exclusive method that is more successful than another such as a two step process, etc. These methods are merely similar or combination of methods already discussed here.